Why Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation is Important

Are you tired a lot of the time?

Do you not sleep well?

Do you eat what’s available rather than what you need?

The reality is that 99% of people nowadays will likely answer ‘yes’ to at least one of these questions.

We have been living in an industrialised society where chasing after money has become more important than looking after ourselves.

The minimum amount of daily vitamins or minerals are known as RDAs (recommend daily allowance). But the problem with many of these scientific recommendations is that they don’t pertain to the general populations of today.

We must consume, absorb and process those RDAs so our bodies can function well. If we are vitamin or mineral deficient we are operating like a rusty old bicycle with a flat tire, not a supercar.

Malnutrition can endanger your genetic codes and you may pass that damage on to your children.

Malnutrition is one of the major health problems in the world today in the developed world as well as developing countries.

You may have body bulk but your body struggles to operate so you end up on a host of medications that you would never have needed if you were properly nourished.

Why would I not have enough vitamins or minerals?

Commercialised farming over-farms the land so the soil is depleted of minerals which means the food you are eating does not have the level of nutrition you need.

Even organic food is often grown without giving the land time to recover between crops.

The older you get, the less you are able to extract some vitamins and minerals in your gastrointestinal system.

You may have a genetic makeup that results in you having problems absorbing certain vitamins.

Some people have genetic inabilities to process certain vitamins.

You may be eating the wrong diet that leaves you vitamin or mineral deficient.

While you may have the occasional blood test that comes back normal, remember that is calculated as normal for a culture that is malnourished and taking lots of medications. It is not normal for humans living in the wild off the land which is what we are meant to be: wild.

We are meant to have superb health, not just average.

Research shows us that the optimum diet is a whole food plant based one that helps us avoid many of the Western diseases of today but again when that is over-commercialised it becomes vitamin and mineral deficient.

Balancing your nutritional, vitamin and mineral requirements is complex because it is specific to each individual and needs an expert eye.

Do not expect your GP to be trained in nutrition as it is a specialised field.

Certainly, beginning by taking multi-vitamins regularly is a good start. In addition, you may have a need for more specific vitamins or minerals.

You may also be taking too much of some vitamins or minerals that are causing problems and blocking the functions of others.

Many mental health problems are now also recognised as being a result of nutritional imbalance.

That best thing you can do is seek professional help to review your nutritional needs because that really can mean the world of difference in the way your body and brain perform.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BHSc, DCH, practices Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathy (ANPA) and is a Mental Health Professional (PACFA) at the Australian Health And Education Centre in Sydney, Australia. She also offers online video consultations with clients all over the world.

Call my clinic to book your naturopathy appointment on 02 8021 6429.

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