Which Electrolysis to Choose for Permanent Hair Removal?

We often get telephone calls at our clinic asking for a particular kind of electrolysis for hair removal. Someone may have read the blurb from a particular website that tries to convince people that only the kind of electrolysis that they offer at their clinic will work or will work the best.

However, no one kind of electrolysis is best … Read More

Electrolysis Hair Removal Healing

When I do electrolysis for hair removal, people ask me how long it will be before their skin return to normal.

Electrolysis cauterises the root of the hair to kill it. The needle is inserted into each individual hair shaft and the current is passed down the need to deliver heat. This, of course, incidentally and temporarily damages the skin … Read More

Electrolysis for Intersex, Transsexual and Transgender People

Many people who are from sex and/or gender diverse groups, namely intersex, transsexual and transgender, get very confused when it comes to how to most effectively remove excess hair. There is so much information that if you have never approached the subject before, you can be overwhelmed about what to do to get rid of that unwanted hair, so I … Read More

Laser Versus Electrolysis Hair Removal

We provide electrolysis for hair removal at our clinic in Sydney. Even though we offer laser hair removal too we still, all these years later, continue to offer electrolysis to our clients. Many beauty therapists and aestheticians have abandoned electrolysis in favour of laser.

We have not, so why?

Hair comes in many textures and colours comprising a variety of … Read More