Removal of Skin Tags

In the quest for great skin many people are plagued by the seemingly impossible task of treatment for unsightly skin protrusions and moles. Fortunately, removal of skin tags is now easy with the use of our diathermic cauterisation machine.

The removal of skin tags combines radio and high frequency technology to remove minor skin irregularities with minimal thermal damage to surrounding tissue.

Various lesions that can be treated include:

• Clogged pores
• Fibroma
• Keratosis Acne (inflamed)
• Cholesterol deposits
• Blood spots
• Sebaceous hyperplasia
• Milia
• Cherry angiomas
• Spider veins

We can remove skin tags with or without stalks.

Different size probes precisely target unwanted skin condition, avoiding thermal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Our natural skin tag removal is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

Our diathermy machines utilise both high-frequency current and radio wave frequency.

Skin tag treatment is extremely rapid.

Skin tag treatment can be performed after microdermabrasion where a skin irregularity may become more visible.

Does removal of skin tags hurt?

There is minimal discomfort and local anaesthetic creams can be applied beforehand if you desire.

How long does it take for the skin to heal?

Healing time is short, from a day or two to a few weeks, this varies based on the size and type of skin irregularity that is treated.

After treatment the area may feel irritated, look red and crusting may form.

What after care is involved?

To minimise the risk of complications it is important to follow all post-treatment instructions carefully:

1. Do not remove the crusting prematurely as this may cause hyperpigmentation or scarring. The crusting will normally disappear within 7 to 10 days.

2. If the area is irritated at the end of the night apply some antiseptic or medicated powder.

3. Keep area dry (other than bathing), do not go into saunas or pools for at least three days following treatment.

4. When cleansing/bathing avoid products containing alcohol as they may cause irritation and delay healing time.

5. Pat the area dry so as not to accidentally remove it prematurely.

6. Avoid the use of deodorants or tight/rubbing clothes directly on the treated area.

7. DO NOT use any form of peeling or bleaching product on the area for a minimum of 21 days.

8. Wear SPF30+ sun block every day.

Treatments carried out by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BHSc, DCH
35 years’ experience in skincare needs
Member of Australian Professional Asetheticians Association (Gold Award)
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