Orthomolecular Medicine – Dr Tracie OKeefe

Orthomolecular medicine is treating illness and promoting wellness from a nutritional and naturopathic (ANPA) medicine perspective. I trained in clinical medicine and bio functional medicine. In my clinic I offer a holistic treatment approach because you are a whole person, and everything is connected.

I look at the biochemical functions in your body, order tests, recommend dietary changes, prescribe supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes. I am also qualified in nutritional medicine, medical herbalism, clinical hypnotherapy (AHA), clinical psychotherapy and am a registered mental health professional (PACFA).

I may coordinate with your other clinicians and you may get health-fund rebates.

Illness is a biological dysfunction of your body which has to be corrected and treatment might be different for everyone so I treat you as an individual.

What is orthomolecular bifunctional medicine?

We don’t assume that one pill can fix illness for everyone because the reality is it cannot. In fact, a medication that one person can tolerate may be dangerous for someone else.

It has become more and more obvious that many medications that work on singular chemical formulars can be devasting for large parts of the population.

Again – I will say illness is individual so a practitioner must look at the whole person not just a loose presumed diagnosis.

The No. 1 rule of medicine, observe, test then treat

Tracie O’Keefe at 65

Health is your natural state of being and strength at any age

– homeostasis

The side effects from drugs

Modern medicine has a great deal to offer in emergency medicine. If I break my leg I’m going to the emergency department at a hospital.

However, with chronic conditions in particular and treating diseases at times it struggles and fails and the treatment can be equally as toxic as the condition.

Drug failures include, stilbesterol (cancer), thalidomide (limb deformities), Tenuate Dospan (addiction), Ritalin (anxiety) Oxycodone (addiction), antidepressants (erectile failure), anti-psychotics (suicidal thoughts), Aspirin (tinnitus), Statins (vomiting, nausea, constipation), vaccines (anphlaxis) and I could continue but you get the picture.

Ask yourself this question when did a doctor last sat down with you and fully explain the possibility of all side effects that could occur from the medication they are prescribing?

Governments and drugs companies hide and under report those side effects and are not by law require not disclose them. Some governments have signed contracts not to criticise a drug for seventy years or the drug company can sue them.

The research

We know the great library of Alexandria in Ancient Egypt held up to 400,000 scrolls with many on natural medicine. We still use many of those herbs today.

Hippocrates of ancient Greece taught of the dangers of eating as most people do in the Western world today that causes disease.

The great biochemist and double Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling published extensively of the essential use of vitamin C in disease recovery. The monumental psychiatrist Abraham Hoffer published on the use of niacin and other biofunctional therapeutic approaches in mental health.

There are actually hundreds of thousands of research papers on orthomolecular medicine. However, drug companies take up half of medical journals in high dollars advertising and bury orthomolecular research.

Testing biological function

We have fantastic medical laboratories today. I am constantly ordering tests for patients to tell me what is happening in your blood, tissues, organs and genetics.

For a clinician, this information is essential and when we cross reference the results it can pinpoint a problem that has previously been undiagnosed.

Remember earlier I said “observe, test then treat” Six minutes in a GP’s office does not allow them to follow that formular so they are constantly prescribing medication without reading the research or ordering the right tests.

This is why your first appointment with me is two hours.

Integrated orthomolecular approach

Let’s break it down because I’m scientifically trained and I like facts.

What I look at and might change or help you accommodate:

 Your genetics and are there are any variances
 What you eat because you become what you eat
 How you eat as it makes a difference to extraction of nutrition
 The way you use your body physically, stance, posture, locomotion
 Toxicology for poison or noxious exposures
 Environmental exposures as we absorb our environment
 Allergies and sensitivities
 Blood profiles and what it can tell us
 Tissue profiles and how your organs are functioning
 The presence of disease states
 Immunological reactions and their efficiency
 Psychological states and exposures

Putting all of that information together I then devise a comprehensive treatment plan for you and monitor and review your progress.

To book an appointment for orthomolecular natural medicine treatment with Dr Tracie O’Keefe in the office or by skype anywhere in the world call 0403 398808