Natural Anti Aging

What is naturopathic anti aging medicine?

There are many ways that we can help you to age gracefully and slow down the ravages of time. We all age and that is unavoidable but how we age can, to an extent, be a matter of choice.

As naturopaths we are experts in optimal health. During a consultation we look at what is happening with your body physically, examine your blood, look at your diet, consider whether you may need any nutritional supplements or herbal preparations, look at skin and facial rejuvenation treatments and may help from a mind perspective too.

Each consultation is specifically built around the needs of the individual and we may focus on several areas in the same consultation or just a specific area that you may need.


Certain herbs have been clinically proven to have anti ageing properties that not only help prevent the onset of physical and mental disease but also aid recovery from some ageing effects. Our medical herbalist prescribes certain herbs on an individual basis tailored to each person.


You become what you eat. We know from long-term research studies that certain diets can reduce the risk or effects of Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, diabetes, sagging skin, muscular degeneration, and increase the quality of life. Our nutritionist recommends certain diets on an individual basis tailored to each person.

Exercise philosophy

Trained in physiology and exercise we can advise the best kind of exercises to help you maintain and help your body.

Live blood analysis

For you to age well you need great blood. In viewing your blood under the microscope during live blood analysis we are able to see many things about the state of your health and what may need to be changed.

Facial rejunvenation (photorejuvenation)

Facial rejuvenation is an IPL laser treatment that increases the level of collagen and eglantine, which are the two proteins that keep your skin strong and supple.


Microdermabrasion is a treatment where we blast your skin with crystals, which cleans it and removes the dead skin, allowing production of more collagen and making the surface of your skin smoother and reducing wrinkles.

Non surgical facelift

During a non surgical facelift, we pass very low doses of faradic current through the face and neck. It shortens some muscles and lengthens others, creating a younger look.

Spider vein removal

Red veins (spider veins) can be unsightly on the face but are part of ageing. We are able to reduce and eliminate them with IPL laser treatment.

Age spot removal

With Australia being such a sunny country many people have unwanted brown spots appearing all over their bodies and faces. We are able to remove these with IPL laser.

Skin tag removal and mole removal

Skin tags and moles appear on different part of the body and can be annoying and unsightly but they can be removed swiftly and effectively in just one or two treatments.

Hair removal

For some women post menopausal hair growth on the face can be embarrassing. The shadows it creates can make the skin look older than it is but it can be removed and eliminated effectively. We offer both IPL laser hair removal and electrolysis.


With age, some people suffer aches and pain or fluid retention. Relief can be obtained through various forms of massage we offer, including remedial and deep tissue, aromatherapy, sports, myofascial release and trigger point, Swedish and lymphatic drainage.

Cellulite reduction

For women cellulite can seem as one of those inevitable consequences of ageing but with the proper exercise, diet, herbs and our G5 medical massage service, we can reduce cellulite.

Focused hypnotherapy

Adjustment to ageing can be difficult for some people, with loss of concentration. Hypnotherapy can help you focus your mind and have a better mental health.

All products used and dispensed in our clinic are plant-based, not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.

Treatments carried out by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BHSc, DCH
(Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy), Registered Naturopath (ANPA), & Medical Nutritionist.