Medical Fasting

Fasting has been used for thousands of years in different cultures as a medical method to correct the bodies imbalances, rid a person of disease and prevent disease. This is now scientifically recognised.

The Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed medical fasting for illness. It is still part of the Indian medical system and practiced in practiced in Switzerland, Germany and Siberia were there are hospitals dedicated to fasting.

Fasting is used to treat cancer, liver and kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and range of mental illnesses from schizophrenia to anxiety. There are indeed many research papers and reports of the benefits of medical fasting observing tens of thousands of people who gained results and at times it saved their lives.

What is important in our times is the recognition that it also turns on the immune system during mild and severe viral and bacterial infections.

How does medical fasting work?

The body stores toxins in the adipose fat tissue below the skin while it thinks about what to do with them. Most people are in the Western world are eating processed carbohydrates and saturated fat as their major sources of food and energy. What this means is that the body does not have to call upon its fat reserves so these toxins remain in the body, including toxic drugs.

The immune system kicks in to deal with those toxins when the digestive system is resting. If you continually eat three meals a day then you never rid yourself of toxin and it eventually makes you sick.

Evolutionary wise we are meant to fast so we can cleanse and reboot our bodies systems. Depending on your size you can fast comfortable for 15 to 40 days depending on your fat stores and medical conditions. You go into what is called a ketosis crisis, pull the toxins out of your body and eliminate them.

When you fast, your body activates autophagy when it eats cancer cells and creates new healthy cells to replace them. An enlarged liver can shrink back to normal size. Your hormones also reset themselves back to normal.

Why is fasting not part of the medical System?

The answer if very simply – money. A patient that is put on drugs is worth’s hundreds of thousands to the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors who prescribe those drugs can have shares in and financial ties with the drug companies. Also they are not trained in creating health.

Pharmaceutical companies pay for adverts in medical journals so they can influence its content creating a conflict of interest. Drug companies who make billions of dollars profit from a drug can also lie and give false informational about many of their drugs Knowing that governments will rarely pursue them if the lie is found out.

Since drug companies influence the journals, they bury and suppresses research on natural healing. Also, internet search engines, who have drug companies of one of their biggest clients bury information on natural healing to keep pharmaceutical companies clients happy.

Even more sinister is that search engines are invested in pharmaceutical companies so they also profit from burying information on natural healing.

There is no profit for drug companies in fasting and natural healing. As a researcher I always say follow the money to get the full picture about treatments.

It is important to consult an appropriately qualified health professional when considering fasting. There are many body functions to consider so that you can fast safely and effectively.

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