Long COVID and Vaccine Damage Naturopathic Clinic

What is long COVID?

I am now seeing in clinic, as other health professionals are, people with long COVID or vaccine damage.

Long COVID is when you have had COVID and not got your health back afterwards or are sick for months.

You may be weak, tired, lethargic, experience headaches, have a long-term cough, insomnia, excessive sleeping, loss of smell and taste hair loss, reduced sex drive, loss of appetite and balance, have a fuzzy brain, where you can’t focus or concentrate, hallucinations, depression and anxiety.

You may even not be able to work.

You may even test negative for COVID but it could be a false negative.

You might think you keep getting COVID but in reality, you may have low-level chronic COVID until your immune system gets weaker and you become quite ill again.

You may even develop long COVID symptoms after you received the COVID vaccines or your body has been damaged by the infection. What both of these have is common they can present like chronic fatigue syndrome and many health professionals may not believe you or understand what you going through

What is Covid vaccine damage?

At the time of writing this, according to the TGA 102,000 people in Australia (as of December 2021) have reported side effects from the COVID vaccines, some of those devastating.

These figures are likely to be massively under reported because they do not take in the long-term effects. If however you consider that Australia is .33% of the world’s population then those damaged go into over 8 million and that’s only recognised cases so the figures could be more than double.

Many of those vaccines are focused on one single spike protein on the surface of the virus but the virus has many spikes proteins so global physical immunity failed.

The US president Joe Biden got COVID and had had four shots of the vaccine, got COVID and still had to be administered antiviral medication.

Why do people die from COVID?

There is a failure to publicly acknowledge how viruses work. They are very small infections and replicate within the cells and they can become dormant for years and then reactivate.

We see dormant reactivity in shingles, HIV, human papillomavirus, herpes, Epstein Barr, influenza and many other viruses.

What stops reactivation and promotes viral suppression best is the state of person’s physical and immune health, high levels of nutrition and low levels of stress. This is the same for all manageable viruses and for the majority of people COVID is a manageable virus.

Many people died of secondary complications, not from the virus, which can be unpredictable. If you have a secondary condition like diabetes, excess weight, breathing disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr virus, an auto-immune disease, cardio vascular disease, addiction or are smoking, cancer and organ failure you have a higher chance of suffering adverse effects from COVID or get long COVID.

What protects you against COVID?

First, the wrong approach to long COVID is to suppress the body’s systems which is what many medications are now trying to do.

The right approach is to strengthen the body and reinstate homeostasis (the balanced functioning of the body). Our species is millions of years old because we survived plagues.

Research has shown us time and time again in every branch of medicine that healthy people of any age typically have better outcomes from diseases and recovery from infection.

Western medicine, however, has failed to promote health because it focused on highly profitable drugs.

How do we know health is the best defense against COVID?

Think about it for a moment. When 117-year-old French nun Lucile Randon recovered from COVID, telling reporters she did not even know she had it – what’s happening?

Or when someone over 100 years old has a mild case and recovers and a 45-year-old old dies  – what is really happening?

It is clear Lucile Randon already had an adapted immune response. She would have been alive during the Spanish flu epidemic of the 1920s and encountered many other viruses so she built up a global immunological resistance.

How can we help you recover from long COVID or vaccine damage?

The body needs to be balanced to promote good immune responses.

You can’t cheat that as nature demands you respect the body that it gave you, not poison it or treat it negligently.

No medicine can replace that or help you unless you pay attention to promoting your good physical health.

As a science-based clinical naturopathic practitioner, medical nutritionist, orthomolecular practitioner, medical herbalist and mental health professional, health is my field. We constantly help people with weakened bodies and lack of energy.

I teach what you need to do to maximise your recovery and restore your strength.

My job is to help you regain proper function of your body and your brain now and in the future.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND is a Clinical Naturopath (ANPA registered), Medical Nutritionist, Orthomolecular Practitioner, Medical Herbalist and (PACFA Registered) Mental Health Professional.

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