Live Blood Analysis In Sydney

                            Tracie O’Keefe at the microscope


Do you know that the condition of your blood can tell you a lot about your health?

Ever considered what is found in your blood may need you to change some things?

Are you aware that we look at your blood from a naturopathic perspective and give you clear recommendations?

What is live blood analysis?

Live blood analysis is the observation of a few drops of live blood from a fingertip under a medical microscope.

It enables the technician to observe the characteristics and terrain of the blood, how it is performing and the state of nutritional health.

Live blood analysis does not involve the diagnosis of a specific disease but can give clear and concise indicators of what may be happening in the body.

Live blood tests can detect signs of:

• Cardiovascular disease
• Oxidative stress
• Over-acidity of the body
• Anaemia
• Bacteria
• Viral presence
• Parasites
• Yeast, fungi, mould
• Liver dysfunction
• Gut disorders
• Bowel problems
• Autoimmune disease
• Allergic reactions
• Inflammation
• Elevated white blood cell count
• Vitamin and mineral deficiency
• Degenerative conditions

What kind of analysis do you use?

Most live blood analysis in Australia only offers analysis through a darkfield microscope. To get a better picture of your health, we use darkfield, brightfield and phase contrast analysis.

This gives a much broader and accurate set of results, which are explained to you in layperson’s language.

Please note that all live blood analysis is only carried out within a 2-hour full naturopathic consultation.

Who does the live blood analysis?

Our technician Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, ND, has been trained at university level in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, microbiology, naturopathy, medical nutrition and the chemistry of nutrition.

This gives her the background to make a clear and accurate assessment of the state of your blood and health.

What does the process entail?

During the process you will sit with the technician and they will display what they see under the microscope on a viewing screen for you to see.

This helps patients understand what is actually happening with their blood and health.

What use is the information?

Information about your blood is important for planning any recovery from illness or how to maximise your health. If necessary, we may provide nutritional supplements, herbs, dietary advice and advice on changing your lifestyle in order to reach optimum health.

Can I claim for treatments on my private health fund?

You may be able to claim for naturopathy treatments through your private health fund, either instantly through the HICAPS machine on the day, or by sending off your receipt to your provider.

For details about claiming for treatments through your health fund, please visit our health funds section.

Because Dr Tracie O’Keefe, DCH, BHSc, ND is highly qualified in several modalities, including naturopathy, herbal and nutritional medicine, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling and sex therapy, with a wealth of many years’ experience, she is able to look at patients from many different perspectives and evaluate what the best solutions are for that person.

She can offer, if necessary, several treatment options within the one clinic. This means your healing process is conveniently managed with the one practitioner.

We are conveniently located on Elizabeth Street, just 10 mins from the CBD and a 5-minute walk from Central Station.

Treatments carried out by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BHSc, DCH
(Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy), Registered Naturopath (ANPA), & Medical Nutritionist.