Liposuction Massage (Post-Surgery)

Has your surgeon made it clear to you that after liposuction you should have massages?

Do you know that if you do not  you may well suffer complications that will lead to the need for further surgery?

Are you aware that post-liposuction massage is a special massage, that needs specific training, and is not the same as lymphatic drainage?

Liposuction lymphatic drainage massage

Surgical liposuction is a form of surgery sucking out the excess fat from the subcutaneous layer below the skin. A tube (cannula), attached to a suction machine, is inserted under the skin and fat is drawn off. In order to do this, the long cannula is inserted through the skin at certain port holes made through incisions. Channels are then made by the surgeon to move the cannula around under the skin.

Post surgical problems can emerge with the channels hardening under the skin, causing fibrosis and tissue adhesions. The fat can also turn into globules and give unsightly pitted effects with uneven distribution of skin texture. Some surgeons are also quite forceful in the amount of body sculpturing that takes place, sometimes damaging nerves under the skin and causing ongoing pain in the early days after the surgery.

In applying post liposuction surgery massage we use a G5 medical massage machine that vibrates the remaining adipose tissue under the skin. This evens out the pitting, breaks down the fibrosis and gives some relief to any residual pain. We also manually break up the fibres and drain the excess lymph back into the bloodstream.

Sometimes the entry points on the skin in surgical liposuction leave a scar and we offer microdermabrasion to reduce that scarring. We also offer non-surgical liposuction as one of our services for people who cannot or do not wish to undergo surgery or to improve the final finish of surgical liposuction.

Our clinic also provides weight loss programs through hypnotherapy, nutrition, naturopathy, exercise advice, and herbal prescriptions all within the same treatment programs. We have been in the weight loss and body shaping business for over 40 years.

We specialise in anti-aging naturopathic medicine and offer a range of skin rejuvenation services including non-surgical face lifts. We are a one-stop shop for looking and feeling healthier and younger – the natural way.