IPL Laser Hair Removal

Just imagine the convenience of not having to wax or pluck again to produce hair reduction. Now, how wonderful will that be?

The IPL laser hair removal method shoots a tiny beam of pure light down the melanin in the hair to the hair bulb, which destroys the hair bulb but preserves the surrounding skin.

The procedure is as simple as that and when it is repeated at different sessions the whole area of skin no longer produces those unsightly hairs.

With laser hair removal, hair is reduced dramatically and in most cases eliminated.

The system we use has a chilled cooling applicator on the head of the machine that helps you to be more comfortable during the process.

You cannot pluck or wax between treatments but you can shave or use a depilation cream if you cannot get back exactly on time for your next treatment.

People with light skin and dark hair get the fastest results but people with other skins and hair colour, including dark skin may also be treated over a slightly longer period.

The time between laser hair removal treatments varies according to what part of the body and the hair that is being eliminated since different hair grows at different rates in different areas.

The hair simply falls out a few days after treatment and the rate and strength of regrowth diminishes dramatically over the time of the treatment.

Laser hair removal generally takes 6 to 8 treatments, 3 to 4 weeks apart.

For those unable to undergo IPL treatments, we also offer electrolysis.


Do you have a question about IPL laser, our clinic safety procedures and laser operator? See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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