How to prepare your body for pregnancy to help you have a healthy child

One of the best things you can do if you are starting or adding to your family is to prepare your body for pregnancy. That also includes men.

Think about – if you are going to run a marathon, you train in advance. You may spend time losing weight to get into a particular dress for your wedding. Or you may pass endless hours at the gym trying to define your muscles.

But 99% of people do not prepare for pregnancy.

Did you know:

• Men carry their sperm in their testicles for three months before ejaculation, so when you live an unhealthy life, the sperm you produce in that time may well have genetic corruptions that affect the formation of your baby.

• Due to modern-day farming, the majority of the food we eat is partly nutritionally deficient which can cause inadequacies and malformation in the offspring you produce.

• Eating the wrong food before and during pregnancy can increase the chances of your child having a heart attack, stroke, neurological disorders and lowered strength and intelligence at the beginning of and later in their lives.

• Our environment is full of toxic overload from heavy metals, pesticides and chemical contaminants that may affect the development of your child. It is important to get tested to see if any of these are present in your body.

• High levels of stress before and during pregnancy can affect whether that pregnancy will abort, the rate at which your child will grow and their likelihood of depression, anxiety and mental disorders later in life.

The reality is that most people get pregnant without really thinking it through.

They are unprepared, nutritionally undernourished and not considering that what they do at this time will affect the viability of the pregnancy and how much they may have to spend on medical bills for that child as they grow.

If you spend more money on your new car, wedding, holiday or Christmas presents than you spend on getting ready to get pregnant, you might want to reconsider that logic.

A child can cost you over a million dollars to raise them in today’s world and a large part of that could be medical bills if your child is not in optimum health.

Unquestionably a healthy, strong child is cheaper to raise and is more likely to be a happy adult.

Here’s what you can do prepare your body for pregnancy:

• Get professional naturopathy sessions for you and your partner to get you into the best physical shape you can be before you get pregnant and during your pregnancy.

• Plan as a couple how you will live your life to promote the health of your own bodies and how to produce the healthiest child possible.

• Eat in a way the supports the health of your future child with as much organic produce as possible.

• Make regular exercise a habit as it increases the physical formation of your genes and helps corrects the genes that will be part of your future child.

• Lower the stress in your life by practising a mental discipline such as meditation, visualisation, self-hypnosis or prayer, so that your child experiences a comfortable and happy pregnancy./p>

• Always remember that as the parent who prepares for pregnancy, you increase the chances of having a stronger, heather child right from the very start of their lives.

To prepare your body for optimum health before and during your pregnancy, call my clinic to book your naturopathy appointment on 02 8021 6429.

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