How much do you value your health?


How much do you value your health?

If you are lucky, life will be long. Most of us would say, however, that we would like a long life and we want to be healthy as long as possible. In fact, many of us would actually say that we would not want to live with deteriorating health. Some of us ask ourselves: Would we really like to carry on living if we had no quality of life though illness or simply no longer knowing who we are or had once been?

These are complex considerations, particularly as we get older.

In a world where large drug companies are bombarding us with often unnecessary drugs, many people live under the illusion that they do not have to look after their health and when it goes wrong they can get a magic fix from the doctor. This is not true but many people are living their lives as if it was. Is this you?

Consider this:

•What is the one thing you need to enjoy anything in life?

•How do you reach old age?

•If you lose this one thing, will your life fall to pieces?

•Where will your earning ability end up if you lose this one thing?

The answer to all these questions is obviously centred on good health.

Yet how much are you investing in your health? Or are you just waiting until you’re sick to invest in your well-being?

The problem is that if you are waiting until you are sick to invest in your health, it will probably be too late to create ultimate health.

When I talk about investing, I am not just talking about money but also maintenance, time, effort, energy and planning.

Sure, you may be busy bringing up your family or paying for your house and feel you don’t have enough hours in the week, but what good do you think those things are if you are not well enough to enjoy them?

What you can do:

•Have a budget every year to invest in your personal health. If it is less than what you spend on maintaining your car, you may need to rethink your priorities.

•Have a budget every year to invest in your personal health. If it is less than what you spend on maintaining your car, you may need to rethink your priorities.

•Have money available for you to be a member of a gym or involved in some of sporting or physical activity on a weekly basis. Walking is generally not enough exercise as you need to raise your heart and respiration rate at least twice a week.

•At least once a year visit a naturopath so you can have you can have a physical and have your blood tested

•Plan your nutritional needs in advance every day and be prepared to pay for the food you need, rather than just accepting the food that other people may be offering you. What food you may need to be extremely healthy is often not what is served in restaurants or supermarkets.

•Have money for your recreational needs and time to spend with your family and friends. As human beings we need to have downtown when we relax and play, regenerate and have fun. This adds to your sense of well-being.

Valuing your health is one of the best investments you can make.

Do you need some help improving your health? Call 02 8021 6429 to book a naturopathy consultation with me at my Sydney clinic.

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