Health Funds

All health funds are different and each health fund has a number of different kinds of policies. Some policies may include certain services and not others. Other policies may include those services if they are new policies, but old ones may not include the services. It is a good idea to ask your health fund to see if you are covered for the service you wish to claim for. The responsibility for ensuring you are covered lies with you, the claimant.


Some private health funds will allow you to claim for hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and/or counselling. We advise people to check with their fund.

The following are health funds for which Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH is a recognised provider:

Grand United (GU) – Provider Number 21137181

NRMA/SCIC/SGIO Health (Hypnotherapy) – Provider number 88098277

CBHS Friendly Society (Hypnotherapy) – Provider number AHA2015686

Teachers Federation Health (Hypnotherapy) – Provider number HYP20125

Health Care Insurance (Counselling – note: counselling could include some hypnosis) – Provider number MT16529M

Medibank Private (Hypnotherapy) – Provider number 1442352B

Navy Health – (Counselling, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy) – Provider number PSY37680

AHM (only covers hypnotherapists for smoking under the “Lifestyle packages”)

The following are funds for which no provider numbers are issued by the insurance company to practitioners, but who will process claims for hypnotherapy with a relevant receipt (which I provide to the client):

Defence Health

Reserve Bank Health Society

Railway & Transport Health Fund

Phoenix Health Fund


Medibank Private – members on the Bonus package may be entitled to claim for hypnotherapy, psychotherapy or counselling under a special section of this package under the title ‘counselling’ – check with Medibank Private.

Medibank Private Provider number (for counselling): 1343861W
Medibank Private Provider number (for hypnotherapy): 1442352B

Australian Unity – does not require provider number, but you will need a referral letter from your GP and it is only available on the Ultracare cover.

Work Cover – counselling for soft tissue injuries. You must have a letter from your GP, also you need to have an initial assessment and treatment plan forwarded to your insurance company before you can begin treatment. The insurance company will then approve the counselling if they are happy with the treatment plan. We also treat soft tissue injury itself.

Australian Hypnotherapists Association List

The following health funds are covered through the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA):

Australian Unity
CBHS Health Fund
Credicare Health Fund
Grand United Health
HBG B30589
Health Care Insurance Limited
Health Partners
Medibank Private
Navy Health Fund
NRMA Health Insurances
Phoenix Welfare
Queensland Country Health
Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd
Reserve Bank Health Society
Teachers Federation Health
SGIC Health Insurance (SA and NT)
SGIO Health Insurance (WA)

You may also claim for hypnotherapy using my Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) membership number which is: 2015686.

Every month, the AHA sends a list to the health funds, so if there is no specific provider number, then you simply tell your health fund that we are on the AHA list.

I am both a naturopath and a clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor. All the work we do at the centre is done from a naturopathic perspective, so we may use hypnosis during a naturopathic counselling session to help you achieve your goals as well as considering any diet changes, supplements or herbs that may be right for you.