Facial Rejuvenation

As the skin gets older it slows down the production of new skin. As it gets tired, it does not repair or renew with the exuberance of youth.

Not only does skin take longer to repair and renew but it also loses its structural integrity as the production of collagen and elastin decreases.

With the face being the only place on the body where the skin is attached to the muscles, the face begins to drop and wrinkles form.

IPL skin rejuvenation awakens the skin again and massively stimulates its production of collagen and elastin, firming and toning the face and reducing wrinkles, making it an effective and natural wrinkle treatment.

The face looks much fuller and youthful with reduction in nasal labial folds and forehead wrinkles. Other areas of the body can also benefit as the laser treatment helps resurface the tops layer of the skin, giving a younger, smoother, more alive look.

Skin rejuvenation is generally carried out through 3 to 6 treatments with intervals of 21 days between treatments. After that if you wanted, you could have it once a month, just to pump up the face.

We are also trained as nutritionists, in herbal medicine, stress management and can add naturopathic approaches to these treatments.

Laser skin rejuvenation, coupled with our microdermabrasion and non-surgical facelift treatments can take up to 20 years off some people’s appearance without surgery.

Treatments carried out by Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BHSc, DCH
35 years’ experience in skincare needs
Member of Australian Professional Asetheticians Association (Gold Award)
We offer a high-quality service at competitive prices

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