Which Electrolysis to Choose for Permanent Hair Removal?

We often get telephone calls at our clinic asking for a particular kind of electrolysis for hair removal. Someone may have read the blurb from a particular website that tries to convince people that only the kind of electrolysis that they offer at their clinic will work or will work the best.

However, no one kind of electrolysis is best for removing hair for everyone.

The process of electrolysis hair removal is, in fact, far more complex and different people may require different kinds of electrolysis.

Here are the reasons why:

  • People have different-shaped hairs
  • The root of the hair can be near the surface or deep
  • Hairs on different places on the body react differently to treatment
  • Hair can be curly, straight or in between
  • Some people have stronger hair than others
  • Some people have more moisture in their hair follicles
  • Some people have more sebum in their hair follicles
  • Different people react differently to different kinds of electrolysis
  • Different people tolerate different kinds of electrolysis differently
  • Some people are more sensitive to discomfort than others
  • Some people’s skin heals differently to others’ after treatment

What does this mean?

It means that no one kind of electrolysis is suitable for everyone. This is why our clinic offers the three kinds of electrolysis: galvanic, blend and thermolysis.
When a client lies down in front of us for a treatment we can never predict in advance what exactly is going to be the best method for them. We may start with one method but as the treatment progresses we may have to change the method of delivery to suit the client and results being achieved.

Galvanic is probably the most comfortable method of electrolysis but it is slow. Blend is faster but takes an experienced operator who can work fast and accurately. Thermolysis (flash) is much quicker but sometimes not as effective with some people.

A well-trained electrologist has the ability to change and vary the treatment accordingly. We may also change the kind of electrolysis used during a treatment. For instance one kind of electrolysis may be good for one part of the face but not for another.

Treatment is a matter of testing and measuring the results and varying the treatment accordingly.

When you choose an electrolysis clinic and electrologist, be sure that they offer all kinds of electrolysis so you know that they can design the treatment exactly for your particular hair removal and skin care needs.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH. BHSc, ND is a qualified aesthetician (member of Australian Association of Professional Aestheticians) and naturopath who started in skincare 43 ago and is the Clinical Director of the Australian Heath and Education Centre, Sydney, Australia.

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