Does anti-aging medicine really work?



Does anti-aging medicine sound like the holy grail of mythical magic?

Yes, perhaps. But anti-aging medicine is real. I not only know this as a health professional through the work I do with patients, but also at 60, I pass for someone in her 40s, so I am living proof it works.

• Do you feel you are getting and looking old before your time?
• Have you lost your energy?
• Do people think you are older than you are?

Well it might be because all you have ever only known is the disease/response kind of medicine that is practised by the average doctor.

You have an illness, go to the doctor, they give you a pill or operate and you go away afterwards until you are ill again.

This is not health promotion medicine, but simply medicine that attempts to fight disease.

There is another way.

We now know from countless studies into natural medicine and health promotion that populations who live longest and stay healthiest are those who carry out certain kinds of lifestyles, eat particular foods and practice a range of physical and spiritual disciplines.

We are, in all essence, animals with biological systems that have developed over millions of years to give us sufficient functions to reproduce and survive to raise our offspring.

For many of us in the Western world we also get the chance to live far beyond the breeding cycle. This leads to two options, the first being many years in poor health or becoming fitter and healthier in our older years.

Health is the foundation of anti-aging medicine.

Having a facelift or tummy tuck does not make you appear younger if you do not hold your body well or appear to be exuberant and full of energy.

Sick people with tight faces and enormous lips pumped up with cosmetic filler look strange, rather than young. It’s not that I am against plastic surgery, because I’m not, but a cosmetic tidy-up is very different from using it as substitute to being healthy and vibrant.

As a naturopath and mental health professional I am always focusing on both mind and body with patients. You have to sort out the body first in order to afford a place for a peaceful mind to live. There is no other option as the hardware must be intact to run the software.

So what can you do to benefit from anti-aging medicine?

– First place yourself in the hands of a naturopath who practices extreme health. Are they themselves really fit and well people because you would do best to learn from those who teach, not those who preach. Be sure they are trained in nutritional medicine and herbalism.

– Part of your treatment needs to include blood profiling, hair mineral analysis and muscular testing. Toxins must be found and eliminated from the body and hormones balanced.

– Everything you put in your mouth adds or detracts to what you are and the condition of your body and mind. Learn to eat a clean, plant-based diet, organic when you can, as fresh and raw as you can.

– There are many herbs that help maintain health and promote good organ function which reduces oxidative stress that promotes aging. Consult your herbalist.

– Exercise is a pillar of anti-aging medicine because it conditions the body, helps eliminate toxins, and increases the level of the hormone DHEA which is the youth hormone. It need to be regular and part of your lifestyle.

– Looking tired is aging. Sleep is one of the most important activities in your day. It is a time when your body heals and renews itself and it is very important to ensure you get sufficient sleep to feel rested.

– Non-invasive cosmetic techniques such as microdermabrasion, non-surgical facelifts, laser, ultrasound radio frequency and needling are very good at helping with conditioning your face and body when used on a regular basis. Invasive cosmetic surgery should be the last option to reduce aging appearance. While it can be very effective, it needs to be done so that it restores the natural youthful look and does not change your appearance completely.

– Finally, ensuring that you are a happy, balanced and spiritually (whatever that means to you) fulfilled person allows your facial muscles and body to look relaxed

If you think about it for one moment, what defines youth is vitality.

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