Dangers of Excess Weight

One of the most important things to remember about the human body is that it is not just one system but 11 organs systems working together in organised coordination.

The bio mechanics means that it is put together like the finest Rolls Royce engines so it runs smoothly. Nature designed and evolved the engine of your body to work perfectly.

Each organ has a space of its own like the heart, alimentary canal, bones, muscles, lymphatics, lungs, digestive system, nerves, endocrine organs, cardiovascular, urinary, and reproductive. Every system needs space to work and be protected.

When those systems are damaged by physical trauma or crushed by excess weight, even slight overweight, they cannot work correctly. So, the body cannot work correctly and disease follows in hundreds of different forms, both mechanical and infectious.

Most health professionals will not address that with you.

They may give you medication or refer you for surgery but ignore what the excess weight is doing to your biomechanics.

They may think that addressing that excess weight with you will make you angry and dissatisfied with their services so they join you in your delusion that it has no bearing on your disease.

Some specialists may even delude themselves that your weight does not contribute to your biological dysfunction.

Research tells us that being overweight can result in earlier death and you can be more prone to infection, heart attack, stroke, vascular problems, hormonal disruption, digestive disturbances, respiratory difficulties, liver failure, diabetes, cancer, dementia, blindness, osteoporosis, spinal deterioration, muscular weakness, pain, nerve pain, depression and mental illness, and much more.

Just as you have to service your Rolls Royce and keep it in top condition so do you have to do the same for your body, keeping it at the optimum weight and function.

When a health professional tells you how you need to eat and why, they are trying to save your life.

You can change the way you eat very quickly when you listen to what health practitioners are telling you and follow good advice.

Around 95% of people in doctors’ offices and hospital are there because of lifestyle diseases and what they eat.

Around 45% of people are in hospitals for the side effects of the medication prescribed for lifestyle diseases.

A wholefood, plant-based way of eating can help you achieve optimum health.

Dr Tracie O’Keefe, ND, BSc, DCH, is a highly experienced Registered Clinical Naturopath (ANPA), Medical Nutritionist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Come to our Sydney clinic or book a video session via Zoom wherever you are in the world.



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