Cancer Fighting Diet for healthy Australia

When you get that diagnosis of cancer your whole world changes. If it doesn’t, you’re in denial. Treat it as a wake-up call!

Sure, anyone can get cancer for many different reason but the figures clearly show us that for most people it is a consequence of the Western lifestyle. Colin T. Campbell’s book The China Study clearly shows us the march of disease and cancer appearing across China as the Western diet arrived, but most doctors and oncologists have not bothered reading the research.

America is also the population with the highest number of cancer diagnoses in the world. The American Cancer Society numbers from combined cancers are staggering and only increasing year by year. The march of cancer across America seems unstoppable and is clearly diet and lifestyle related, with low levels of exercise, high saturated and trans fats, sugars and animal-based diets.

“You are what you eat”, are some of the truest words ever spoken.

A dietitian colleague of mine who works in a unit treating cancer patients has strict instructions from the head staff not to tell patients to change their diet from those cancer-supporting and health-destroying food products. If you are being treated in these kinds of clinics, it is worth looking for better help – fast.

A cancer patient can be worth anything from $50,000 to $500,000 income to a hospital and the drug companies that charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for their medications would lose substantial revenue if their patients all of sudden started to get well. The cancer business is worth billions of dollars per year.

“OMG”, you may be thinking. “I’m on my own”.

No you are not. There are millions of people in the world who are now recovering from cancer though natural medicine and changing their diet and lifestyle. Check out my interview with Janette Murray-Wakelin:

Maybe this is a freak case? It’s not. There are thousands of cancer patients changing their diets and lives every day and recovering from cancer, aggressive cancer and metastatic cancer.

There are endless people appearing on the internet who abandoned clinics that offered them no hope or treatment that was as bad as the disease. Do not expect your average doctor to understand what I am saying, because they have little training in nutrition and no experience of natural medicine.

Many of those doctors will poo poo what I am saying to you but you cannot deny success. They will tell you that what I have told you is not possible but it is. Your body knows how to heal itself from disease when you give it the right fuel and circumstances.

When I work with cancer patients I make it very clear that the course they need to take is a diet for life, not a diet that causes disease and death. You see, when you get that diagnosis there is no time for messing around, pretending you can eat anything and get away with it, or thinking you have time to spare. You don’t. Act now and clean up your diet big time and for good.

As I said earlier, treat any sickness and cancer as wake-up call. Get help from an expert in plant-based nutrition who has worked with patients in cancer recovery.

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