Why Core Strength is Important

Are you lacking core strength?

Failing to hold up your body and now have bad posture?

Is your digestive system sluggish?

Pain from discs in your spine being compressed?

Is your skeleton crumbling?

Have you lost control of your bladder?

As creatures we are basically a tube with limbs and head added on, all to facilitate the digestive process. Never … Read More

Are you over-medicating yourself to an early death?

Reality check!

If you’re taking any medications, they may well be killing you.

You likely don’t know exactly what they’re for, how they work or what side effects they produce. Your doctor probably hasn’t told you. Sound familiar?

Western society has been enticed by advertising and huge pharmaceutical financial profits to believe that you can cure poor health purely by

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Calcium supplements: Are they worth it?

We continually hear in the media that older people become calcium deficient. This is true to a certain extent but often not as journalists or GPs understand. The real physiological and social understanding is much more complex.

Calcium serves many functions in your body. It helps your bones form, stay hard and renew themselves. Calcium is very important to the … Read More

These foods may exacerbate your arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a large label for many different conditions. It is a group among five of the major diseases of old age.

There are two main types of arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the disintegration of joint material such as the synovial fluid volume (lubrication), synovial sack (joint jacket), cartilage, and ligament integrity. This leads to bones rubbing together, bone on bone,

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Lyme disease in Sydney and Australia

Do you feel tired all the time?

Does your body show signs of all sorts of mysterious infections?

Is your doctor confused about your health complaints?

Are you finding it difficult to get a diagnosis?

You may be one of the many people who now have Lyme disease.

Most healthcare professionals do not, however, consider this and, to be fair, … Read More

Are you suffering from weak, fatty, flabby muscles and are breathless as you age?

As a health professional, clinical hypnotherapist and naturopath in Sydney I see many people in my clinic who have become extremely unhealthy due to the lifestyles they are living and weakness of the body.

Sometimes they have become so disabled they end up on medications and undergoing surgeries that they would not need if they were physically fit.

Sarcopenia is … Read More