Are you prepared for COVID?

So, we are now into the Omicron stage of the COVID 19 infection depending on the country you are in and the strain distribution.

You may still be in a Delta zone. It is reported that Omicron is a less severe illness but in reality it is too early to process all those statistics and whether it also leads to Long COVID or organ damage. We also don’t know how the virus will mutate to further different strains of the disease.

What we do know is that the Omicron’s R rating is higher than Delta so it spreads very quickly in communities and may mean we all might get Omicron regardless of vaccination status, mask wearing, whether you had Delta or even your fourth or more booster shot.

Indeed, some people are reporting getting COVID a second time after their third booster and no government or pharmaceutical company is making any effort to record breakthrough rates.

If you’ve been my patient at any time you will know that naturopathic approaches are about strengthening the body before you get infections and diseases.

COVID’s unpredictability affects everyone differently for reasons we do not yet fully know due to lack of data. We do know stress, ill health and nutritional deficiencies lead to more complications.

Are you your fittest right now?

At the moment MRNA vaccines only target certain spike proteins which may only give partial temporary protection from severe complications.

Recombinant vaccines may offer a broader immune response as they are not based solely on spike proteins, but we don’t yet know.

What we know is naturally acquired immunity through infection seems to offer a broader response to the viruses using an array of antibodies against identified multi-units on the virus’s shell and spikes.

Your pre-existing health is the major underlying factor in surviving any disease, not contracting it in the first place or only being slightly affected and briefly.

Investing your efforts in your health is like putting your money in an investment – the more mindful and diligent you are, the safer your investment and the greater the long-term returns.

Helping you prepare for COVID as well as if you’ve tested positive

In my clinical practice I prepare you for if or when you may contract the virus to help you maxmise your chances of recovering quickly.

As you may recall I teach you prepare – prepare – prepare…create health before infection not desperately and chaotically scrambling for recovery when infection occurs.

If you are diagnosed with COVID, I also help you naturopathically maximise recovery by focusing on all the things you can do to use natural solutions to help you get well again.

Research now shows us that many naturopathic treatments that have been used for many years can help fight viruses such as COVID to restore your health.

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Dr Tracie O’Keefe DCH, BHSc, ND is a clinical Naturopath & Nutritionist, Herbalist, PACFA Registered Mental Health Professional based in Sydney, Australia and consulting worldwide.


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