Are Medications Killing You?

This is a question that drug companies never want you to ask because drugs equals billions of dollars of profit each year.

Most drug companies employ PR people, bloggers and reviewers who are paid or who get large perks, ad agencies, scientists, doctors, nurses and whole army of spruikers to tell the public to take more drugs, even when evidence shows they do not work or are doing harm.

But it gets worse!

Many drug companies actually pay professionals to discredit people who question the effectiveness of their products. Those professionals lie, commit fraud, employ private detectives and campaign to destroy the care of other professionals who question their products.

They also pay professionals to discredit them and other alternatives to taking their drugs, particularly when those alternatives may be natural cures for disease that the drug companies cannot patent or make money from.

Sometimes those drug companies work in coordination with governments in a web of corruption and deceit that goes right to the heart of bureaucracy and use the legal system to wipe out any competition for their products.

Some chemical companies manufacture cancer-causing chemicals and then also manufacture medications that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to supposedly cure those cancers. But the drug companies soften hide their research and figures when shown detrimental effects from those medications and redesign studies to tell a different story.

So are all medications bad? No.

In emergency medicine vital drugs can be life-saving when patients go into cardiac arrest, stop breathing and when defective genes, organ failures or other situations need critical care medications and procedures.

However, many medications do not have the evidence that they work and can result in side effects that can lead to life-threatening situations. For example:

  • Antidepressants often lead to suicidal thoughts and psychotic breakdown
  • Antibiotics are often prescribed for viral infections by GPs and yet antibiotics do not work for viruses
  • People frequently become addicted to sleeping pills and never remedy their insomnia problem
  • Drugs for arthritis can cause horrific side-effects including skin irritation, digestive problems and nausea
  • Vaccines can cause death in many cases

And the list goes on:

The word ‘drug’ is from the German word for dried plant healing purposes but the profit from herbs and dried plants could never complete with the profits from laboratory-produced drugs.

The major problem for most medication is, however, more fundamental. When an animal get sick, he or she seeks out plants to eat to help them get well again. It is instinct. A plant contains many constituents that work in coordination with each other to cause a cure.

Laboratory drugs, however, tend to be based on certain chemicals, so much of nature’s mechanisms for cure tend to be missing.

In natural medicine we follow the principle of if there is disease, there is a plant that is able to help cure that disease.

Just like the horse or the cow, we tend to need the whole of much of the plant to effect that cure. The perfect example of course is garlic which helps to control bacteria and viruses which is something no chemical-based medicine can achieve.

The majority of people are Vitamin C deficient which gives raise to oxidative stress in the body and mega supplementation can not only prevent many illnesses but also cure them.

So are your medications killing you?

The truth is sometimes they may be, so whenever you can investigate natural cures for your ills, always do so first to eliminate and reduce the risks of side effects.

You may be surprised to discover how profoundly the power of naturopathic medicines are when you consult a professional naturopath.

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