Spinning flags at Mardi Gras aged 61 in Sydney

For the past few months I’ve been learning how to spin or twirl flags. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and basically taught myself how to do it. I even chose flags that were bigger and heavier than most of the ones shown in the video tutorials online – I do like a challenge!

I practised most days to get my skill level up until I felt ready to show off in public at the Sydney Mardi Gras Fair Day in Camperdown Park, Newtown last weekend.

I’m a firm believer in walking your walk, not just talking your talk. People come to see me at my naturopathy clinic to achieve excellent health and wellbeing. In addition to helping you with your eating habits, I also recommend some kind of exercise.

It’s better if you enjoy the exercise so I always recommend finding an activity that’s fun for you. While I go to the gym four times a week and love it, I also wanted to try something different. I really enjoyed learning how to spin flags.

I’m 61 at the moment, so age alone is not an impediment to being fit.

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