What do I do if I have allergies?


Allergies are a major problem in the modern world. Interestingly they are less recorded in history and primitive cultures so either they were not considered serious medical problems or the modern environment has spawned more allergies in more people. Statistically in medicine we think it is the latter because younger people are now experiencing more allergies than their parents or … Read More

Are you exercising enough?


This is a question we must all ask ourselves, no matter our age or the lives we are leading.

What we know biologically and medically is that people who exercise regularly every week tend to live longer and have a better quality of health and life. They also have less illness and disease because their bodies work better.

Sure, some … Read More

How to Ferment Vegetables


Vegetable fermenting should be part the mainstay of any good diet. People have been fermenting vegetables for thousands of years in virtually every civilisation. Fermented vegetables produce good bacteria called probiotics for your digestive system to help your digestion and immune system work well.

Fermenting vegetables is something so simple and easy that anyone can do it at home without … Read More

Top 5 tips to cope with colds and flu


When the temperature gets lower during winter months lots of people can experience colds and sometimes flu. You experience each of these when your immune system is compromised because your muscle are shaking to keep you warm.

Colds tend to be bacterial and flu tends to be viral with higher temperatures. It’s also important to accept that we’re meant … Read More

What Does Visiting a Naturopath Entail?

I am often asked what visiting a naturopath entails.

Naturopaths are medically trained specialists in natural medicine. Like other branches of medicine, we go to college for many years and study human biology, chemistry, biochemistry, pathology and clinical medicine, largely to degree standards.

What sets naturopaths apart from standard Western medicine is that we also study medical herbalism, nutritional medicine, … Read More