Can dehydration cause depression?

dehydration and depression



Have you ever forgotten to drink during the day and found yourself quite exhausted?

When you have complained of depression to your healthcare professional, have they ever asked you how much water you drink?

Dehydration and lack of consuming sufficient quantities of water during the day is a major cause of physical and psychologist illness but it is … Read More “Can dehydration cause depression?”

How to Make Sauerkraut Easily


Sauerkraut is a traditionally fermented, salted, cabbage dish of the German, Baltic and Russian regions. The literal translation from the German language means sour fermented cabbage.

Historically the sauerkraut dish even goes back even further to ancient Roman times and before. It is a side dish that has a sour flavour, quite a tang and is wet and crispy to … Read More “How to Make Sauerkraut Easily”

Cancer Fighting Diet for healthy Australia

When you get that diagnosis of cancer your whole world changes. If it doesn’t, you’re in denial. Treat it as a wake-up call!

Sure, anyone can get cancer for many different reason but the figures clearly show us that for most people it is a consequence of the Western lifestyle. Colin T. Campbell’s book The China Study clearly shows us … Read More “Cancer Fighting Diet for healthy Australia”

Are Medications Killing You?

This is a question that drug companies never want you to ask because drugs equals billions of dollars of profit each year.

Most drug companies employ PR people, bloggers and reviewers who are paid or who get large perks, ad agencies, scientists, doctors, nurses and whole army of spruikers to tell the public to take more drugs, even when evidence … Read More “Are Medications Killing You?”

Herbalists, Naturopaths and the Antibiotic Crisis: Infection Control

The most abused drugs today are not heroin, amphetamines, marijuana, alcohol or even recreational oxycodone, they are antibiotics. The drug dealers involved are the average family doctor, hospital doctors and medical associations. The world has reached an antibiotic crisis where antibiotic-drug-resistant superbugs now kill tens of thousands of people every year in our hospitals.

The reasons this has happened is … Read More “Herbalists, Naturopaths and the Antibiotic Crisis: Infection Control”