What do I do if I have allergies?


Allergies are a major problem in the modern world. Interestingly they are less recorded in history and primitive cultures so either they were not considered serious medical problems or the modern environment has spawned more allergies in more people. Statistically in medicine we think it is the latter because younger people are now experiencing more allergies than their parents or … Read More

Can dehydration cause depression?

dehydration and depression



Have you ever forgotten to drink during the day and found yourself quite exhausted?

When you have complained of depression to your healthcare professional, have they ever asked you how much water you drink?

Dehydration and lack of consuming sufficient quantities of water during the day is a major cause of physical and psychologist illness but it is … Read More

Are you exercising enough?


This is a question we must all ask ourselves, no matter our age or the lives we are leading.

What we know biologically and medically is that people who exercise regularly every week tend to live longer and have a better quality of health and life. They also have less illness and disease because their bodies work better.

Sure, some … Read More

How to Make Sauerkraut Easily


Sauerkraut is a traditionally fermented, salted, cabbage dish of the German, Baltic and Russian regions. The literal translation from the German language means sour fermented cabbage.

Historically the sauerkraut dish even goes back even further to ancient Roman times and before. It is a side dish that has a sour flavour, quite a tang and is wet and crispy to … Read More

How to Ferment Vegetables


Vegetable fermenting should be part the mainstay of any good diet. People have been fermenting vegetables for thousands of years in virtually every civilisation. Fermented vegetables produce good bacteria called probiotics for your digestive system to help your digestion and immune system work well.

Fermenting vegetables is something so simple and easy that anyone can do it at home without … Read More